Saturday, January 17, 2009

UAS Concert Recap

All in all, the concert last Thursday at the OSU Urban Arts Space was a great success. There was a good audience turnout, despite the ridiculously cold weather - thanks to everyone who attended. Other thanks are also in order: To Larry Marotta, who invited the group to be part of "The Marotta Hour" concert series at the UAS. To Steve Perakis, for getting all of the music together. To all the musicians - Larry, Steve, Ted Royalty, Marshall Rendina, Ryan Jewell, and especially Marina Peterson, who drove up all the way from Athens, OH to play with us.

The generous donations received will be used for the ongoing project of archiving, performing and recording Brian's music. Steve also recorded our performance, so hopefully we'll be able to post some MP3s of it soon as well. It was a great experience to have the chance to play some of his works that most of us had never heard before - we hope to organize more performances in the near future, so stay tuned to this blog for more info.

Click on the photo below for a link to several more from the concert:

UAS Casey Concert