Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brian Dream Poem

I always loved teasing Brian on my birthday, since he was the only one on the class younger than me. Here's a poem I have been working on - thought this would be a good day to share it. Love and peace.

Very funny coming in my dreams
and sending me a dream book.

I once decided to need a book
so I would understand you.
I gave it to a Nigerian cab driver
on my way home.
He wanted to know about jazz.

But shhh - I slipped out those words
about a trumpet
and a girl saying "yes."
And I use them sometimes
to shock people - for fun.

I wrote a poem for the Nigerian
"oh the voice
the syncopated sweet
the drumming sound
the voice"
And you and your book were in the poem.
I see that now -
like you are in the paper
and the passion
and the spiraling ribbons of words
connecting and dividing.

This new book, too, is not mine to keep
but now I know the hidden places
in dreams
to look
to find new words.