Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lest We Forget

I was out picking up dinner last night when my cell phone rang. That's an odd thing for me as the only 2 people who really call me are my bosses--wife and work!

It was Steve. He just wanted to check in and talk a bit given what today is.......We did. We talked about life etc. and Brian. It had been at least a year since he and I had any communication, too long I know and half on me, but he reached out.

Dinner was cold when I got home but nobody cared. Thank you Steve. I really means a lot to me that Brian has a friend like you.

And I believe that nobody really ever dies as long as they are loved and remembered. Brian lives in us all.

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  1. It is truly amazing how two years can simultaneously feel like a lifetime and a blink of an eye. Thanks for posting brother.