Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fibonacci Chords

Quite a while ago, Brian and I were well into our years-long discussion about Fibonacci and our continued fascination with the relationship (or equality) between art (music, architecture, nature) and math.

We wondered -- I don't remember exactly how it evolved -- man, what would happen if the numbers in a Fibonacci series (or a series of Fibonacci-type series) correlated somehow to the keys on a piano?

What happened was Fibonacci Chords for piano. I stumbled across it last weekend while cleaning out a storage room. I don't think it was ever played outside Brian's head or piano. If you happen to have a head for numbers and Brian's way of thinking about them (!) and are interested in having a copy or doing something with it, let me know. I'd be happy to talk numbers again. It has about 30 measures to it -- mostly "chord" combos -- plus extras that include some notes and observations including one of my favorites. He writes:

"The sixth number of every series is always divisible by eight. I checked down to 25, but I imagine it continues... But I also imagine LOTS of other things."



  1. More generally, every kth element is a multiple of F(k).
    The third element in the series is 2, thus every 3rd element is a multiple of 2, the fourth is 3, and every 4th element is a multiple of 3.

    Brian saw that the 6th element was 8, and thus every 6th element was a multiple of 8.

    Can a scan of the music get posted here for others to enjoy, Susan?

  2. 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34......

    The order of nature. I almost think you know a PhD scientist....or two, or three.........

  3. Hi there

    i stumbled on this page while researching fibonacci in music, i would really like a copy of this fib chords book as i do have a head for numbers and my friends and i have a passion for the fib sequence in music.


    Kyle D - New Zealand

  4. I've also stumbled upon this page as well, as Kyle did. It possible, I'd be really interested in a copy of this as well. The relationship between Phi and music has been very interesting to me. I can be contacted via my Facebook:

    Thank you,

  5. I would be very interested as well! You can reach me at thanks for this very interesting post!